5 Tips and Tricks to Emerge a Winner After COVID-19

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Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging, business owners have started to turn their minds to what will happen after most of the vaccines have been administered and the world is able to return to some semblance of normality. 

With all the changes thrown your way due to covid-19 here are some tips and tricks for avoiding “zoom fatigue” and how to helping your business remain stable and grow in 2021 and beyond.” 

  • Progress is not a one-way street. Networks and associations are constantly trying to add value to businesses. However, unless your business participates in and plays an active role in developing and working with networks and associations, the value is not created. Make sure you connect with your network frequently and engage actively in the process of helping them understand what you want them to learn.
  • Pre-planning is key to success. Plan ahead for your busy season.  Be ready to be efficient as possible by prioritizing organization, and pre-planning initiatives a few months in advance. These could be things such as installing the new software, redesigning your website or attending a leadership or education course.
  • Flexibility is much needed. Establish a clear path you would like to take your organization down. In the post-pandemic world, there will be many new business pressures that everyone will feel. These will include a general sense of confusion, lack of cash, lack of funding, lack of sales, and so on. 
  • Keeping employees engaged takes effort. Connect with your employees who are working from home. This means regular check-ins and working within the environment of remote work for the foreseeable future. Ensure that you keep your employees engaged. This could include rolling out educational courses, training, and other activities.
  • Make technology the enabler. Update your technology stack, and use tools that help make business smoother and more efficient. You might have started a video conferencing with some clients on Zoom, but that is literally the tip of the iceberg when it comes to leveraging technology. Business efficiency tools for project planning, task management, calendar management, workflow management, and others are vital to creating efficiency and running your business or practice in a practical, lean and efficient manner.

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