IRS Reminds Taxpayers of Online Features During National Tax Security Awareness Week

Ferrone & Associates CPAsBlog

The IRS observed National Tax Security Awareness Week this month. They highlighted key details for protecting your online IRS account and documents. The IRS is taking new measures for taxpayers to use digital signatures for online forms. With online accounts comes the risk for theft and data breaches. They are working on strengthening online security to protect taxpayers. There are many ways to gain an electronic signature. Signatures can be typed, a picture, or a scanned copy of a handwritten signature. Additionally, new digital features allow taxpayers more access to their important documents and a secured way to share information with their tax professional. Overall, the digital signature will provide a smoother and faster process for tax filing with less manual paperwork. Taxpayers will be able to verify their documents on their online account with just the click of a button.