Living on the Edge

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Much of today’s accounting world revolves around technology. As more and more firms work remotely and use technology to exchange information with their clients, security is becoming a large issue. With things changing so quickly, firms must always be up-to-date with the newest and best technology so we can have an edge up. 

At Ferrone and Associates CPAs, the security of our client’s private information is a top priority.  Not all firms prioritize the importance of document security, especially for incoming client emails. Word to the wise, if you are emailing personal information, make sure it is protected. Clients that email unprotected tax documents are putting themselves at risk. 

One way to avoid the email problem is to use a portal. The portal acts much like an email and it works both ways. We use our portal to send information to our clients and our clients can use the portal to send information to us. The exchange of information between our firm and our clients is done in an encrypted super secure format. 

We also use other procedures like password programs that generate complex passwords to protect our computer programs and files, and computer shutdown after hours to eliminate access to our computer system. We like to keep things nice and safe. If you are interested in learning more about Ferrone & Associates CPAs you can contact us by going to our website at or send Theresa an email at