Potential Scam Threats That Could Effect You and Your Taxes

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The IRS has issued a reminder for taxpayers to keep a close eye on potential scams. They are urging taxpayers to be aware of these dangers and to report any suspicious activity. 

Text and email 

Last year the IRS observed an increase in text message scams. Scams can also take place through emails, social media, and phone calls. Typically, the IRS communicates with taxpayers through mail. They will never communicate personal information via emails or text messages. It is also important to be extremely cautious when you see emails or text messages containing links from suspicious senders. 

Tax related identity theft

The IRS also focuses on identity theft related to taxes. In these cases a scammer has accessed the taxpayers social security number and used it to file a tax return. You may notice this if you go to file your taxes and see that they have already been filed on your behalf. 

Unemployment fraud 

If you are receiving benefits or see claims that you have never applied for you could be experiencing unemployment fraud. This occurs when someone has taken your identity and uses it to claim unemployment benefits. 

Phone calls

Pay particular attention to phone calls you receive claiming to be the IRS. The IRS does not typically make phone calls unless there is a special situation. Additionally, the IRS never leaves pre-recorded, urgent or threatening messages. Scammers can easily impersonate someone or something else. Some callers can even spoof their numbers to make it appear as though they are calling from a government agency. 

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