How Firms Can Take Advantage of New Technology and Resources

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During this last year, we have learned so much about managing our remote workforce, rethinking the scope and delivery of our services, and about new and new-to-us resources and tools that have helped us transition and adapt. There is no argument that established, virtual firms had a leg up on the competition. Although it may seem that we have made … Read More

Turning off the always-on economy: How to take back control of your time, work, and sanity.

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Just a few years ago, people saw technology as exciting and filled with possibilities.  But the constant notifications, alerts, and reminders are taking a serious toll on our productivity, our social lives, and our mental health. You can see this epidemic first-hand in coffee shops worldwide. Workers have one eye on Slack, one eye on email, and no eyes left … Read More

Planning Beyond COVID-19: the Main Street Lending Program

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Small-to-midsized companies in need of capital need to leave no stone unturned. Now that the Federal Reserve Bank is buying Main Street Loans, should you or your clients consider applying for loans through the Main Street Lending Program (MSLP)? With each interim financial statement release, accountants gain greater visibility into the COVID-19 impact on company balance sheets and the need … Read More

Multiple Cash Flow Scenario That Helps Adjust for Uncertainty

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COVID-19 and the associated shelter-in-place orders around the country have impacted business leaders enormously. Everyone is waiting for the dust to settle to see how deeply the economic downturn may go. The crucible of the post-COVID marketplace will ramp up urgency; business owners need to understand and respond with increasingly accurate and effective strategies. COVID-19 has not changed the reality … Read More

The big mistake newly remote businesses are making

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There is one all-too-common mistake that firms are making right now: trying to replicate their existing communication practices across their newly distributed team. A video conferencing solution such as Zoom is brilliant for replacing in-person meetings, and instant messaging tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams can be useful for hashing something out quickly or as a virtual ‘water-cooler’. However, these … Read More